Salem Public Library - 370 Essex St.

Welcome to the Salem Literary Walking Tour!


As you’re no doubt aware, the city of Salem, Massachusetts is steeped in history – from its mercantile and maritime history, its generations of architectural evolution, to, yes, its involvement in the Witch Trials Hysteria of 1692. But what you may not know is that Salem also has a rich tradition in literature.


Your tour begins and ends here, at the Salem Public Library. Please be sure to use caution when crossing the streets on this tour, as the downtown area often experiences busy and unpredictable traffic. Also note that while some of these sites are open to the public, others are privately owned or operate as businesses, and discretion is advised. Please note that this tour will take up to an hour, depending on the time lingered at sites.

Facing the library, please turn right and proceed down Essex St. Turn left at the intersection for our next stop, the Bowditch House.